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What is the SA Watermark?

The South African Watermark “SA Watermark” is a register of plumbing components that complies to the relevant national SANS standard for that product.

  • All products that appear on the SA Watermark register have been verified to confirm that evidence is available and to confirm that the product complies to the requirements of the relevant standards.
  • The SA Watermark is a registered trademark within the non-profit company named South African Independent Auditing Services (SA-IAS). All verification and administration of the SA Watermark is conducted by SA-IAS.
  • The responsible manufacturers or agents of all products listed on the SA Watermark register have committed legally to ensure that the listed products supplied to the trade and public will continue to comply with the requirements of the national standards.
  • Listing on the SA Watermark is voluntary. Manufacturers choosing to list their products can submit their application

Why SA Watermark?

Legal Requirements

In South Africa it is a legal requirement that all plumbing products must comply with their respective national standards. It is therefore the responsibility of all manufacturers or suppliers of plumbing components to provide reasonable evidence that their products comply with these requirements.


The legislation is silent on what method manufacturers or suppliers should use to provide such evidence. This means that manufacturers could use test reports or certification from a variety of local or international test houses or certification bodies. Unfortunately, history has shown that misleading reports and product claims can persuade an unsuspecting consumer to use a product that does not comply with legal requirements.


It can be challenging for consumers, plumbers, and architects etc. to verify if components may legally be installed or not. This is where the SA Watermark can assist. The SA Watermark applies a rigorous set of checks and balances to verify test reports and certification schemes, to prevent consumers being misled regarding the compliance of any plumbing component.


The rules for listing on the SA Watermark have been drawn up in a manner that ensures that all national legislation and programs are respected and complied with. International best practice methods have been merged with local legislation to develop the checks and balances of the SA Watermark.


How to be Listed on the Register

The register contains a list of plumbing components that complies to the relevant national standard (SANS) for that product. It is therefore an essential requirement.


Listing Applications NOW Open

The SA Watermark register will be made available to the public at no charge. Access will be granted through an internet portal, and a smartphone application. This facility will be launched soon.



The SAWatermark will accept test reports that complies with the requirements explained HERE. This requires that test laboratories must either be SANAS or ILAC accredited.

Acceptable Evidence

For a product to be listed on the SA Watermark register, evidence must be presented to confirm that the product complies to it’s relevant national…


Accreditation of a test laboratory is when an independent 3rd party verifies the operations of the test laboratory to confirm that the test reports produced…

Application Process

When a manufacturer or supplier chooses to have its’ products listed on the SA Watermark register, an application must be submitted to the SA Watermark.…

Product Testing

SAWatermark does not perform testing or certification services. SAWatermark does not facilitate any testing or certification services. Suppliers must contract testing or certification service providers…